Remember Ashley From ‘Fresh Prince’? Well Your Childhood Will Be Happy To Know That She’s Still A Certified Knockout

ashley fresh prince

You remember Ashley from Fresh Prince, right? Stupid question, of course you do. Ashley, whose real name is Tatyana Ali, ranks up there in childhood crushes with Topanga Lawrence, Wendy Peffercorn, and Kelly Kapowski. I may even cast my vote for Ashley being on the Mount Rushmore of ‘Girls Who Expedited My Sexuality.’

Ashley is 37-years-old now, which is a depressing fact that makes me reflect on how little I’ve accomplished in so many years, and her acting career has remained somewhat steady. According to Uproxx, Ali has appeared in movies such as Glory Road and The Brothers, as well as a Key & Peele skit just last year. It’s good to see Ashley succeeding after Fresh Prince ended 20 years ago. It also pleases me to know she’s just as smokin’ as I remember her.

Tatyana Ali naked

Tatyana Ali nude

Tatyana Ali sex

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[h/t Uproxx]

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