Plus-Sized Model Ashley Graham Frolicking Around A Subway Cart In Lingerie Is Confusing, But Hot

by 3 years ago

ashley graham

Plus-sized model Ashley Graham recently made waves by being the first chubby-ish girl featured in the highly coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine. When we posted about it, it caused a firestorm in the comment section on whether or not someone of Ashley’s build should be featured in a magazine that historically portrays peak-fitness goddesses.

I, for one, was all about it. And it’s not because I’m holding the torch for that ‘body acceptance’ BS (I generally reject my own body every time I look in the mirror), it’s because Ashley Graham is sexy and deserving of it. Give me Ashley’s bod over Taylor Swift’s 11 times out of 10 and twice on Sunday (just give me a couple hours to rest and recover).

And while I know  most of you prefer your models to look like marathon runners, I also know some of you are in my camp. And for those bros, those enlightened bros, I present to you Ashley Graham frolicking around on a subway cart in honor of National Lingerie Day (which was yesterday, didn’t get the memo).

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