Silly Goose Ashley Graham Forgot To Put On Clothes For Her Latest Photo Shoot But It Turned Out Okay I Guess

You an Ashley Graham fan, brah?

I assume that’s why you’re here.

Unless you don’t know who Ashley Graham is and you’re just blindly trusting that she’s a hot girl. In that case, thank you for your faith in me. But next time I’m going to hit you with ‘Ashley Parker Angel Goes Nude In Photoshoot’ and your eyes will be scorched by the O-Town lead singer with his dick out…presumably for Harambe.

For those who have yet to be enlightened, Ashley Graham is a plus-sized model who made waves a few months back by being the first chubby-ish girl featured in the highly coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine. Some people were enraged that she didn’t fit the traditional swimsuit model mold, but I for one, welcomed the change because a.) I embrace all most body types and b.) It would be highly hypocritical of me to critique Ashley’s body when I am currently sporting man boobs the size of traffic cones. Hey, different strokes, different folks.

The 28-year-old recently posed nude for British magazine Grazia UK, and a few of the photos of Graham have been posted to the Gram. Check them out below.

Here are a few more fire photos if your whistle has yet to become wet.

You into it? Ya, ya you are.

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