Damn, Look At How Freaking SEXY Bar Refaeli Is Less Than Six Weeks After Giving Birth


Getty Image

Bar Refaeli is one of my all time favorite models. First off, she’s just freaking gorgeous. The photos she did in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue over the years are still some of the hottest ever taken.

I also like her because she gives very few fucks based on the kinds of commercials she does. More than one of hers has been banned over the years. And who could ever forget that Super Bowl commercial she did for GoDaddy?

Anyway, the point I am trying to make here is that I have really missed seeing her on Instagram since she became pregnant last year.

But now she is BACK, baby. Back in a BIG WAY too, because got-damn, look at this freaking photo she shared today. Just look at it!

She just gave birth less than six weeks ago, folks. Amazing.

Here’s another shot from a week ago…

And here’s one from THREE weeks ago…

I think she might actually be from another planet. So hot.