Hot Bikini Commercial Starring Bar Refaeli Banned Because Of ‘Naked’ Scene And Close-Up Shots Of Her Butt

bar refaeli banned commercial


We haven’t seen nor heard much from one of our all time favorite models Bar Refaeli in awhile.

That’s because she went and got married then got herself pregnant with the jerk her took her off the market shattering our unrealistic dreams.

Luckily for us, when she was only three months pregnant she made a VERY, VERY HOT new commercial for her own line of swimsuits. Unluckily for her, it was banned in her home country of Israel for being too damn sexy.

Apparently they aren’t fans of all the close-up shots of her butt. (The one where she’s showering is especially inspiring.) Nor did they like her “naked scene” in which Refaeli isn’t naked at all, but is just shown changing her clothes behind a car door.

Here are some screenshots of what got the Second Broadcasting Authority for Television and Radio’s panties in a bunch along with the commercial itself…

bar refaeli banned commercial 1


bar refaeli banned commercial 2


bar refaeli banned commercial 3


bar refaeli banned commercial 3b


Here’s the “naked” scene in question…

bar refaeli banned commercial 3a


And here are a couple of the butt shots (you can see the best one of the bunch when you watch the video)…

bar refaeli banned commercial 4a


bar refaeli banned commercial 4b


This isn’t the first time Refaeli has had one of her commercials banned either. Back in 2014 she made a commercial for her clothing line that was banned because of too much “sexual innuendo.”

Yes, that is a puppet. A very lucky puppet.

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