This 26-Year-Old Woman From Minnesota Looks So Much Like Megan Fox It’s Almost Creepy

Remember how a couple of years ago there was this woman named Claudia Alende who had her 15 minutes of internet fame because she looked a lot like Megan Fox? You probably don’t, but she did.

And while that was kind of cool, Alende’s similarity to Megan Fox is nothing compared to this 26-year-old laboratory technician from Minnesota named Bethany Anya.

Just look at that photo up there and tell me that isn’t the spitting image of Megan Fox. It’s just eerie.

Speaking to The Daily Mail about the resemblance, Anya had this to say…

‘It’s very flattering; I see it from time to time but I mostly just think I resemble myself,’ Bethany revealed.

But the young beauty appreciates the similarity and has posted images of the Transformers actress onto her Instagram with the captions ‘classic’ to share her fandom for the Tennessee star. She even takes noted from Megan’s poses for her own photo shoots.

‘I have gotten comments that I look like her but I’m a much taller version with many more tattoos. I’m a little apathetic about it but it’s always nice to be compared to someone so lovely,’ Bethany shared.

The scientist even noted out, if there is a similarity, it’s mostly rooted in Megan’s look from her 2009 horror film Jennifer’s Body, where Fox plays a possessed high school student who slays her classmates.

I suppose I can see that.

jennifers body

20th Century Fox

‘It’s gotten my art more attention and that is ultimately what I want to use Instagram for but unfortunately in this day and age, being a pretty face gets you more noticed than your talent does, but I’d like to change that,’ she said.

Nevertheless the dopppleganger’s following has exposed her art to new audiences and Bethany is glowing with the awareness her gothic sketches and Hollywood and superhero-inspired pieces are getting.

‘When I’m not in the laboratory; I’m painting, drawing or spending time with my amazing friends,’ she shared.

‘I’m incredibly blessed to have the things I have in life and being compared to Megan is just an added bonus,’ Bethany added.

Regardless of what Anya thinks of the attention, there is no denying that when she wants to be, she’s an absolute dead ringer for the Ninja Turtles star.