Boston Fan Wearing Jorts Gets Head From A Girl On The Subway Platform Because Time Waits For No One

by 5 years ago

Gawker / MBTA

Time is of the essence on Friday night in Boston, and these two chowdah heads couldn’t wait to get wherever they were going before engaging in a little mouth-to-jorts action on the subway platform. In my years of riding the subway here in NYC I’ve seen many a deuce dropped on the floor, I’ve seen piss and vomit, I’ve seen an over-the-pants HJ on Valentine’s Day (that we called the couple out for), but never before have I seen a full on blowjob being performed in front of everybody. That’s some next level voyeurism on display from these townies:

The Boston Metro reports:

An alarmed MBTA passenger snapped a photograph Friday of what appears to be two people engaging in oral sex on a T platform and sent to it transit police on social media demanding action.
“Dear MBTA, I understand you are having financial problems and it is difficult to maintain a broken system, however my tax dollars should be going to pay your police force because I shouldn’t have to stand next to a man receiving oral sex,” wrote the irate passenger.
The incident allegedly happened around 7:30 p.m. at State Street station, according to authorities. Transit Police Lt. Richard Sullivan said the agency shares the woman’s disgust, and that investigators will exhaust all resources to identify, locate and arrest the suspects.
“We’re not going to tolerate this,” Sullivan said. “In my 20 years on the job I’ve very rarely encountered something as brazen as this.”
“In my opinion they could care less who happened by,” he said. “More importantly, what if a young child came by?”
The pair is facing a charge of open and gross lewdness, which carries a penalty of up to three years in state prison, Sullivan said. They will also be required to go before the state’s sex offender registry board.

It’s not every day that you see a man in a windbreaker, jorts, and socks + all white shoes. This man is straight out of the 90’s, he’s like Boston version of Dennis Duffy from ’30 Rock’. Only he’s the most unique human being alive, because he’s willing to abandon all respect for the law and get dome on the subway platform with countless people around watching. Does this couple not realize that once they’re caught they’ll be facing sex offender charges, like the couple down in Florida facing a 15-year prison sentence?!

Sure, this pic is a once-in-a-lifetime image, but is having such an image worth spending the next few years in jail?

The Boston Metro stated that the woman who reported the incident initially did so via social media, but the MBTA Facebook Page has since been scrubbed of any and all mention about this incident. I’m not sure if that means the MBTA and Boston police are close to apprehending the suspects and don’t want to give anything away, or they just deleted the post to hide their shame at being called out for such a ridiculous incident on the subway platform, either way I think we can all safely assume that we’ll hear more about this subway BJ photo in the coming days…

[Gawker via Boston Metro]