Carmen Electra’s Dress Might Be A Size Too Small For Her And We Have Literally Zero Problem With That

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Bye LV 🍒

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Carmen Electra is 44-years-old. 44. Years-old. Forty-freaking-four. Let that sink in for a minute.

I can still remember when she was slaying it in Playboy and on Baywatch and she was hot AF way back then. But she’s still this hot at 44? Remember, she still looks as good in a bikini now as she did 15 years ago. How?

Maybe it’s all the porn she likes to watch that keeps her young. Nah, if that were the case almost every guy out there would look like he’s still in his twenties.

Perhaps she sold her soul to the devil. That’d be kind of cool.

Eh, whatever it is, it’s definitely working as evidenced by these shots of her at the Cherry Boom Boom grand opening in Vegas recently.

Note to self: visit Vegas soon.

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