Charlize Theron Has Got This Whole ‘How To Be Sexy’ Thing All Figured Out

charlize theron dior

YouTube/Christian Dior

The last two times we discussed Charlize Theron she was saying some pretty smart things and one really dumb thing so it’s nice that today we can just enjoy her for nothing more than her ridiculous beauty in this new ad for Dior.

The reason this particular commercial caught my attention was because the last time she made a video for Dior it was CRAZY HOT so when I saw that she had made another I simply had to watch, and share with you, my people.

Charlize Theron might not be the hottest or most sexy woman in the world, but after all these years she might just be the most “classically” attractive woman in Hollywood.

Also of note? Her dress took 1,000 hours to make. She cares about supporting the economy, people.

Behind the scenes…