Chrissy Teigen Trying, And Failing, To Zip Up The Front Of Her Tight Jumpsuit Is A Must-See

Goddamn if Chrissy Teigen isn’t just about the perfect combination of funny and sexy. I don’t know anyone out there who can combine the two half as well as she does.

Exhibit 2,769 of this is a video Teigen shared on her Snapchat showing her trying to zip up the front of her tight jumpsuit.

“Perfect! We got this,” Teigen says confidently at the beginning of her attempt.

chrissy teigen snapchat zip up jumpsuit

Chrissy Teigen, Snapchat

However, not even the encouragement of a friend, ““We can get it! Keep going!” was enough to squeeze those bad boys into that tight enclosure.

chrissy teigen snapchat zip up jumpsuit

Chrissy Teigen, Snapchat

Try as she might, eventually Teigen gives up with a “No!” as her ample bosom was simply NOT going to fit into the outfit.

But oh what fun it was to watch her try.

Too funny.

TMZ later caught up with Chrissy to discuss her attempted squeeze into the jumpsuit.

And just to hammer my point home about how she combines sexy and funny better than just about anyone, here’s Chrissy showing how, as she puts it, amazing things can sometimes happen when you lie on the ground naked.

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