Dan Bilzerian Poured Ice Water Over Two Bikini-Clad Women, Who Then Jumped Up and Down in Slow-Motion


Just when you think some other guy is trying to out-Bilzerian Dan Bilzerian by buying all the fucking beer in Vegas and then building a goddamn adult pillow fort with it, the king of Bilzerian-ing drops this video of him helping Tatum Miranda and Jenn Morillo do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

GIFs are good. God bless GIFs.


P.S. I see the comments on Facebook. I’m with you. I, too, am exhausted by the Ice Bucket Challenge. Great cause but, JESUS CHRIST, I think we can just donate buckets of cash at this point, don’t you? That said, (you can guess where the rest of this comment is going) when two hot girls perform the challenge like this, exceptions are made…exhaustion disappears.

[GIF via Casspa]


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