Dan Bilzerian Kicks Hillary Clinton Off His Private Jet For Not The Reason You Think

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When people ask if I pay girls

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Last week Brandon brought you the story of how Hillary Clinton was using Dan Bilzerian’s private jet. The aircraft is owned by Bilzerian’s company, Goat Airways LLC, who leased out the plane to Hillary’s campaign. But it appears that Dan has either changed his mind or was not made aware of who the Gulfstream Jet was being rented to because Danny boy has apparently put a big fucking kibosh on the whole thing.

Hillary has been using the plane to criss-cross the country to speak to voters during the primary season. Dollar Billz told TMZ that the leading Democratic presidential candidate has been put on his no-fly list, barring Hillary from using his jet.

The reason you ask?

Is it because he’s boys with Donald Trump?


Dan doesn’t want his jet to get contaminated.

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A rather curious explanation considering that Bilzerian is probably whipping his Dan Dan noodle all over that plane and squirting man chowder all over the cabin. Between Dan’s trouser gravy and the plethora of Instagram model quim leaving slug trails all over the place, those seats in the plane must feel like they’re made out of paper mache.

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Headed to the city of sin

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And she's climbing a stairway to St Thomas

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Actually come to think of it, Dan might have a valid point. Hillary has had a peculiar and unshakable cough for months now. She coughs so frequently that there are SEVERAL compilation videos dedicated to Clinton’s mysterious cough.

You’re probably right Dan, who wants to catch a cough when you’re partying and trying to bang 10s every night.