Emily Ratajkowski Says You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty For Checking Out Her Leaked Nudes, Has Glorious Sideboob

A couple years ago, pre-The Fappening and Entourage movie and what not, I hung out with Emily Ratajkowski at Comic-Con. She’s a pretty chill human being. She digs Italian food and love to crush a good burrata (the cheese, you uncultured jagoffs) along with some killer prosciutto.

I don’t know why, but I was thinking about this interview earlier today while standing outside my favorite chicken wing shop. If I were to interview her again, I think I’d grill her about pizza and all-American comfort foods. Like, there’s no doubt she has some awesome spots for chicken wings and pizza in her travels, right?

Anyway, this just an idea of what I think about. Enjoy Emily Ratajkowski’s latest Instagram efforts. In the video above, she talks about why you shouldn’t feel guilty for checking her out nude.

I don’t know why you would feel such a thing in the first place.

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