Gabrielle Union Giving The BJ Motion In A Snapchat Feels Like It Was Intended For Me

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Dwyane Wade’s Snapchat has been lit this offseason, Manziel-esque, even. Just a couple of weeks after the 34-year-old free agent Snapchatted what sure looked like a post-bang session with his smoking hot wife, Gabrielle Union, Wade ended his snap story last night with quite the gesture from his beau.

Looks like the passion hasn’t left the relationship after two years of marriage.

Did Gabrielle intend for this gesture to be directed at Wade, who looked one sip away from passing out with his shoes on, or was this meant specifically for you or I? I think it’s a toss up. But I’ll construct my own reality and view things through that lens. Aka I have no problem with lying to myself.

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Gabrielle Union

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Gabrielle has only gotten finer since her Bring it On days.