Meet The Geeky Gamer Girl Who Went From Playing Video Games To Making $165,000 As A Cam Model

Delightful Harriet Sugarcookie went from Xbox to XXX. She was a shy gamer girl who had low self-esteem so she played video games to make herself feel better. She would lock herself away for six-day gaming marathons to escape her reality.

A friend of Harriet secretly posted a photo of her on the Reddit thread “Next Door Asians,” which is quite the coinkydink because that subreddit is in my bookmarks. What are the odds?

Soon, her photo was admired by many visitors of the site. Her following grew and grew to the point that she was confident enough to strip down and be a cam-girl.

Fast forward to now and the 21-year-old from London is making $165,000 a year thanks to her sexy venture. She is an award-winning amateur porn star with tens of thousands of fans. Harriet won an award from the UK Adult Producers for Best Niche/Fetish Website 2016.

“In a way, I’m living every guy’s fantasy,” Miss Sugarcookie said. “I’m inviting my favorite porn stars over to my place to hang out and filming the results.”

And it’s true.

She got to meet the Hedgehog, the legendary Ron Jeremy!

“Since camming, I’ve made some really important friends, I’ve worked on my personal health and grooming and I’m a better person, in a better place,” Harriet said.

Harriet, who is originally from Vietnam, performs cam-shows, homemade movies and gives video game tips.

She has six virtual boyfriends who she messages every day and who she is “extremely close to.”

Here are some photos so you feel like you’re extremely close to the seductively sweet Harriet Sugarcookie.