Gawk In Astonishment At A Girl Crushing A Beer Can With Her Colossal Breasts

Party tricks fucking suck. WOAH! You made a goat with shadows from your fingers. I’m not 4-years-old and I’m not impressed. You can make a monkey out of a kitchen towel? Well congratulations, put your “talents” to good use and get a job on a cruise ship. I literally could not give less of a shit that you can make Andrew Jackson smile on a $20 bill. Take that $20 and get an Uber to take you far away from my house. However, this one party trick has impressed me.

This young woman can perform the greatest party trick that doesn’t involve ping pong balls. This talented girl can flatten beer cans with her bountiful breasts. Now that’s a talent!

It’s a canception. She crushes cans with her cans.