Girl Suspects Her Boyfriend Is Cheating While On Spring Break So She Unleashes A Ruthless Revenge

by 2 years ago

Cheating is bad. Don’t cheat. Unless you suspect beyond a reasonable doubt that your sig is cheating on you. At least that the mindset that this chick rolls with.

A guy is on spring break, which puts a lot of relationships in the proverbial shitter, and this one is no exception. The boyfriend seems to have gotten a bit tipsy on spring break and he was allegedly found passed out with some chick by his “friends.” His “friends” sent a photo of the guy with the chick to his girlfriend back home. Jess was busy texting him multiple times and then ended with the dreaded multiple “?” text.

Jess was not buying his excuse and got immediate and ruthless revenge following a text that said, “Two can play that game.”

That’s the advantage of being a woman. They have that hanger-on dude who is just waiting for you to fuck up so they have a chance. At any given moment, if you mess up that fuckstick is like an emergency dick and he’s over your girl’s house replacing you.

Chris Rock knows what’s up.


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