The Girl Who Fished Her Poop Out Of Her Date’s Toilet Is Getting Hit Up By Thirsty AF Dudes Now


Last week we told you the somewhat-horrific story about a girl who fished her own turd out of a toilet that wouldn’t flush on a first date. It’s one of the most horrific “WTF?!” first date stories on so many levels, but mostly because she wrapped said turd in toilet paper, stuffed it in her purse, and continued to make out with the dude. Nasty!

Here’s part II of the story. She’s actually getting hit up for dates left and right now, according to TMZ:

The date is now history, but turns out it’s a thing for lots of guys. She tells us she’s being hit up by admirers who apparently want an encore performance.

It seems like the approaches have been rather successful, too.

Way to go, Makela from Canada.

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