World’s Dumbest Girl Tries To Blackmail A Cop By Editing A Conversation To Sound Like He Wanted To Rape Her

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A picture says a thousand words, fellas. And in this case, it’s the word ‘CRAZY’ one thousand times over.

A 19-year-old teen waitress has been jailed after attempting to blackmail a police officer, of all people.

Georgia Harris met the 22-year-old officer, who remains anonymous, on a dating website and began a relationship with him that consisted mostly of him lending her sums of money and taking her shopping for clothes and other things basic girls value.

“She has always been talking about money and asking for money,” the officer said.

“I am extremely disturbed by this and feel it has affected me personally with trust issues and has made me realise how vulnerable I can be.”

Harris found her opportunity to expose the officer after she edited a video of them discussing a hypothetical sex scenario to make it seem like he was threatening to rape her.



According to The Sun,

The nightclub waitress, now aged 20, then cropped the recording and sent her victim a six to eight second clip, in which he could only be heard saying “I’d be raping you”, and her replying “I don’t want you to rape me”.

A court heard Harris, who worked at Faces nightclub in Chelmsford, Essex, threatened she would go to police with the recording if the 22-year-old Met Police officer did not pay her £200 ($250).

She then implied she was just 15 years old as she sent the officer her bank details – and upped her demand to £250 ($310).

The recording occurred in May of last year when the officer was driving Harris to her home. Harris initiated the conversation about rape while slyly recording the officer on her phone.

“She began to ask, in her words, about hypothetical scenarios. She said ‘What would you do if I told you I was 15 years old?’

“He asked her why she would say that and said her profile on the dating website indicated she was at least 18, and she was in fact 19 by this time.

“She said she was 17 and then asked him ‘If you were to force me to have sex with you, what would that be?

“He replied ‘I’d be raping you’ and went on to explain why that would be the case but clearly stated nothing had happened and it was just hypothetical.”

Harris repeated her question ‘You would be doing what?’, and the officer gave the same reply.

The prosecutor said he was confused by the conversation and dropped her home.

But they later argued and in an abusive exchange of texts, he told Harris she was ‘taking him for a mug’.

He also branded her “a nasty piece of work” before saying goodbye and telling her not to contact him again.

Georgia Harris was sentenced to eight months in a young offenders’ institution.

Bros, if you see this face along your travels, RUN.



[h/t The Sun]

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