In Case You Missed It, Halle Berry’s Halloween Costume Was One Of The Coolest You’ll Ever See

halle berry halloween costume pics

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Hang on a second here… Is Halle Berry currently single? Okay, here we go, her divorce from that French actor Olivier Martinez became final in December 2016.

I only ask because, based on interviews and events I have seen and the things that the Academy Award winner has posted on her Instagram account since she joined the social media platform in March of 2016, she seems like a really fascinating and cool person.

I guess my point here is, the 51-year-old Berry has been involved in four serious long-term relationships, three of them marriages, and all of them have not exactly ended well.

Perhaps she needs to look in a new direction for a potential mate. Quit going after these athletes and pretty boys and settle down with just a regular Joe *cough* will fully embrace everything that she has to offer.

Speaking of Halle Berry’s many talents, look at this incredibly detailed Halloween costume she came up with this year. Talk about stunning, this wicked cool ensemble needs to be displayed in a museum somewhere (or at least sold in stores).

Right back atcha, Halle.

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