Hilary Duff Has A Very Surprising Skill That Might Just Blow Your Mind

by 3 years ago
hilary duff tumbling videos

Hilary Duff, Instagram

Hilary Duff is a woman of many talents.

Did anyone else here know that Hilary Duff was a flippin’ gymnast? And when I say a a flippin’ gymnast I literally mean a “flipping” gymnast. I don’t know the technical terms for what she’s doing in these videos, cartwheel, back flips, front flips, some kind of combo, whatever, it’s amazing.

Backyard shenanigans part 1

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Backyard shenanigans part 2

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Mind. Blown. And in slow motion no less.

Hilary Duff is a gorgeous, wealthy, 27-year-old divorced mother of one and she can do this?! How in THE hell did seven guys actually turn down a date with her? I think I would marry her tomorrow based on this one skill alone. Well, that, and the fact that she’s Hilary freaking Duff.

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