Instagram Model You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Explains How She Came To Earn Up To $15,000 Per Post

In the 21st century there are all sorts of new ways to make a living that were previously never available before. The world of Instagram is one of those places that has become a significant area for people to make a very good living now in the digital age.

From beauty tips to travel photos to models people have found that social media, if done right, can be a real cash cow.

One woman, a model named Sjana Earp, uses her 1.3 million Instagram followers to make a very comfortable living, earning up to $15,000 with a single post.


Reports the Sydney Morning Herald

“Influencer marketing has exploded because [influencers] have a very intimate relationship with their audiences,” says Anthony Svirskis, chief executive of Tribe, a company that brings influencers and brands together. “That [relationship] is hugely valuable for brands that want to tap into these conversations.”

Here’s how Sjana Earp got her start in this 21st century industry and how she makes her money…

​”When I was in year 10, I went through a rough patch with depression and had a few stays in psychiatric wards. I dropped out of school at the end of that year. I did a Certificate III in fitness training and studied photojournalism, but stopped my studies because I started to earn an income through Instagram.

I used Instagram for self-expression and as a creative outlet, then I was asked to photograph an event in Perth. That job led to me being invited to Bali as an influencer for a yoga retreat. If someone sees your content and they like it, they’ll invite you somewhere else.

It was never my intention to achieve a certain number of followers. I remember reaching 10,000 and I couldn’t believe it. I think my following comes down to timing, luck and passion.

I can’t remember the first time I posted about my mental health issues. I started by saying little bits about how I was having a rough time. Instagram has provided me with an outlet – there’s nothing worse than bottling up your emotions – and my followers accepted me being open about my feelings.

Three years ago I was approached by an agency who wanted to manage me. My reaction was, ‘What? Really? I could get paid for doing this?’

Now she is a spokesperson for everything from yoga apparel to laser hair removal, cars, health foods, pajamas, water, jewelry and more.

How long this will last for her is anyone’s guess as this is a relatively new industry and is always evolving, but for now, life is good for her and many others all thanks to social media.

Check out some of her “work” below…

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