Jennifer Lawrence In A Bikini On A Boat Drinking High Life Is The Stuff Of Dreams

Just when we thought Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t get any cooler she goes and takes things up yet another notch.

Vacationing in the Bahamas after losing out on a Oscar, Lawrence was spotted doing a little snorkeling and more importantly she was “living the High Life.”

Girl is worth more money than I’ll ever dream of seeing in five lifetimes is super famous and she’s slamming High Lifes on a boat. Love it.

Throw in the bikini and it’s like she somehow got into my head, saw one of my dreams and decided to just go ahead and make it happen IRL.

How she’s still single is one of the biggest mysteries to me. Maybe she’s just looking in the wrong places. Perhaps she should be looking for someone not as famous as Chris Martin or Nicholas Hoult. Someone, oh I don’t know, like a blogger?

Yeah, that’s another dream I had. Though that’s one that I doubt J-Law is going to make the one come true.

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