Jessica Simpson Shows Off A KILLER Body Rocking An All-White Swimsuit

Jessica Simpson does not skip leg day.

Jessica Simpson is most definitely proving to be one of the more higher ranking members of the MILF society as of late. Between slaying in some Daisy Dukes awhile back and doing a Fifty Shades of Grey-themed photo shoot with her husband she’s just been on fire this year.

And now, just five days after turning 35-years-old Simpson goes and drops this crazy hot, cleavage and legs-filled swimsuit photo on us.

While one might naturally think there was some Photoshop magic going on here, if there was then it wasn’t much because she also shared this pic a few days ago showing that girl’s got some serious stems.

I’m also quite fond of this photo she shared for the 4th of July. Very ‘Merica.

Now if we could just get to see her somewhere else other than on social media. How about a music video or maybe some acting, Jess? Let’s do this.