Kacie McDonnell And Aaron Murray Have Called Off Their Engagement

It is with a heavy heart and solemn sense of duty that we inform you the Kacie McDonnell-Aaron Murray relationship is over. Nothing gold can stay.

Former Fox 29 traffic reporter Kacie McDonnell is no longer engaged to Kansas City Chiefs backup quarterback Aaron Murray. McDonnell moved from Philadelphia to Kansas City to be with Murray in August. The former couple started dating in 2013.

“I’m loving my career in Kansas City,” McDonnell told me, confirming that Murray ended their engagement. “I’m really committed to being a part of this community for the time being. The engagement is off. I wish him the best, it’s best to part ways. I’m moving on my with life.”

Throughout our conversation, McDonnell reiterated her love for Philadelphia, saying her heart is always here.

You see, one man’s loss is another city’s gain. McDonnell, who delivered a heartfelt apology when she moved to Kansas City in August, accepted Murray’s marriage proposal in October.

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Together with Aaron’s brother, Josh, and Andi Dorfman of Bachelorette fame, the quartet was poised to become the most powerful sports and entertainment family outside of the Kardashians.

But things have come apart at the seams over the past few weeks, starting Josh and Andi’s split.

And now this.

It’s almost too much to bear.

…Allows a proper amount of time to pass…

Here’s hoping McDonnell finds another love. God knows it will be very difficult for her.

[H/T: Philly.com]