Kate Beckinsale Rocking A Short Skirt And Knee-High Boots Is Proof Jesus Loves Us

I am 99.9% sure that Kate Beckinsale could ask me to do literally anything and I wouldn’t even hesitate to do it. Like literally anything. Though in actuality I would probably just drop dead on the spot from pure joy because that would mean she would actually be speaking to me.

I mean, shit, Beckinsale absolutely slaying in a short skirt, some knee-high boots and looking this good at age 43 is not even fair. Hell, looking like this at age 23 isn’t fair. No one person should be allowed to be this beautiful (and funny).




Here are a few more pics just to complete my shrine to her for the day…




DM me, Kate. Let’s put my hypothesis to the test. I promise not to stalk you afterwards. Much.

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