Katharine McPhee Was Just CRUSHING It In A Bikini On Miami Beach Over The Weekend

Katharine McPhee is one of those sneaky hot celebrities that I often forget about. Mostly it’s because I haven’t seen her in anything since she was the runner up on American Idol back in the day.

I know she’s pretty much been on one TV show or another since then, what with Smash and her new show that’s on right now, Scorpion. I just haven’t watched either one of them.

Also, I guess I didn’t realize that Katharine McPhee is 32-years-old now. I guess it has been about 11 years since she was on American Idol, which I find amazing. Damn, time flies.

I must say, based on these pics from over the weekend, now at 32, she is looking better than ever, don’t you think?



This next pic wasn’t from her beach getaway, but I just saw it on her Instagram and thought you might like it too.