Katharine McPhee Is In Mexico Spending Some QUALITY Time In A Bikini

by 3 years ago
Katharine McPhee bikini pics

Katharine McPhee, Instagram

Katharine McPhee needs to do more things in a bikini.

I’ve kind of lost track of Katharine McPhee lately. I know that she’s still making music because her last video was basically just two minutes of her narrowly avoiding a nip-slip, but other than that what’s she been up to lately?

Wait, she plays the lead role in a prime time television show called Scorpion? What channel is this show on? CBS? Huh… I had no idea. She’ll always be one the American Idol winners to me. What’s that? She finished in second? Are we sure about that? Some guy named Taylor Hicks won it. Never heard of him.

Anyway, back to Katharine. She’s in Cabo, you know? Which can only mean one thing and that’s bikini time!

Good story, huh? Like you didn’t just come here for the pics and video anyway. Pfft

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