If You Click Here You’ll Get To See Kendall Jenner In A Skimpy Orange Bikini, Hooray!

Kendall Jenner’s Instagram is beginning to really suck. It used to be photos of her in a bikini, her in lingerie, her vaguely naked, etc. But now I’m looking at it and it’s all just fancy-shmancy photos of her being a “high fashion model,” whatever the fuck that means (it means you stop posting swimsuit selfies and start pretending you’re artsy with a bunch of shitty candid nature shots). It’s been weeks, WEEKS I TELL YOU since Kendall posted a bikini photo, so thank the LORT today we finally got a new one. Not that I actually care that much, personally – but I know you do. And if there’s one thing I care a lot about in this world, it’s making our readers happy (har).

Yeah, that photo is kinda lame. Not “lame” as in “she’s ugly,” but lame as in “there’s only one photo? Boooo Wendy Testaburger, boooo!” So to make it up to you, here’s some Kendall Jenner gifs. By “some” I mean 3, because most of the gifs I found of her come from Keeping Up with the Kardashians and they’re not hot. You’re welcome for picking out the hot ones.