Lea Michele Added Some New Pics To Her Fun ‘Bed Series’ Of Photos, Misplaced Her Shirt

lea michele bed series photos instagram

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Seeing these new pics that Lea Michele posted to her Instagram account got me to thinking about how social media has completely changed the world of celebrity.

Used to be that if an actor or musician dropped off the world’s radar they faded off into obscurity unless they managed to come back with something new and spectacular.

Now, thanks to social media, it seems that once you achieve celebrity status it doesn’t matter what you do for the rest of your life, you’ll just always be a celebrity.

How else does one explain Lindsay Lohan still getting to be on the cover of reputable magazines?

I guess the reason Lea Michele sparked this line of thought is that there once was a day where I wondered if she’d ever do anything other than Glee once shoe eventually came to an end. And even if she didn’t, these days I figured she’d still stay famous just because of social media.

Turns out it didn’t matter because she’s now been on two shows since Glee came to an end, Scream Queens and a new one that just started this month, The Mayor.

Anyway, I assume Michele added these new pics to her ongoing “bed/bedroom series” of photos because of that new show I just mentioned and by golly, it worked.