Lindsay Lohan Dropping Into A Squat While Wearing Stilettos And Black Lingerie Is HOT, HOT HOT HOT

by 3 years ago


It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan, former child star and current layer of old ketchup crust that gets stuck around the rims of condiment bottles, has had a rough few years. All of her recent movies have flopped, she looks like she’s at least 20 years older than she really is and…wow, I’m going to stop here because this is getting depressing.

But things might be on the up-and-up for our girl LiLo; she had a fancy-pants photo shoot with a fancy-pants photographer, she’s supposedly shooting a new movie (although there’s no information about it anywhere on the Internet, hmmm…) and now she’s sort of not looking like a dried-up tampon that got left sitting out in the women’s bathroom.

I give you: Lindsay Lohan squatting while wearing stilettos and black lingerie.

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