Lindsay Lohan’s Halloween Costume Was Just Her Wearing A Pink Bra And Panties Because LiLo DGAF

by 2 years ago

Our favorite ginger-haired hot mess Lindsay Lohan celebrated Halloween because I think she’s required to by law or something. I mean, what would a holiday filled with parties really be without Lindsay Lohan, people?

As you will see below, with it being Halloween party season, Lindsay Lohan put a tremendous amount of thought into her Halloween costume, wearing nothing but a pink bra and pink panties…

How do we know that this was her costume? Because she said it was with the hashtag, “#halloweencostume.”

I guess when you are now the owner of your own nightclub you can just wear whatever the hell you want, right?

Fast forward a couple of days and LiLo did decide to actually put on some clothing for a Halloween party and dressed up in the very original Harley Quinn outfit…

Gotta say, I think I liked her first costume better.

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