Whoa, Look At 57-Year-Old Madonna Dropping A Sizzling Hot Topless Booty Picture On Us

by 2 years ago
madonna butt pic

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I’ve given Madonna a lot of crap over the last several years, saying things like she needs to chill and act her age more (though she did prove to be pretty tough when she ate the stage last February).

I ridiculed her a little bit for spanking and air-humping Anderson Cooper on stage last August and busted on her for her terrible attempt at stand-up comedy. But perhaps I have misjudged the music legend. Lord knows it wouldn’t be the first time that’s ever happened to her.

Back in October we saw Madonna spanking and air air-humping Katy Perry (Madge is really into air-humping) and it was pretty damn hot. And her quote about 50 Shades of Grey made my day at the time so she’s definitely not all bad.

Then this weekend she goes and drops this, dare I say it, HOT topless butt photo on Instagram…

Coming to Get you Miami! ❤️#rebelheartour

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Dayyyyum… right?

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