This Miley Cyrus Look-Alike Says She Gets Mobbed By Fans, Needs Her Own Security

21-year-old Mardee Shackleford from California says that people mistake her for Miley Cyrus so much that she’s been mobbed by fans and even had to have security in night clubs because so many people thought she was the pop star.

“Several times I have been sitting in traffic and people have slid open the back door of their car and kids will start yelling, ‘Miley’,” she reveals.

“Sometimes it feels like I am actually famous or a celebrity, just on a really small scale. It’s been really fun for me.”

Shackleford says that she wasn’t a fan of Cyrus’ music but her Bangerz album made her interested enough to attend one of Cyrus’ concerts. While she was there she says she was bombarded by fans and even ran into Miley’s dad Billy Ray who couldn’t believe the resemblance and wanted to take a photo with her.

So what do you think? How much of a Miley Cyrus doppleganger is Mardee Shackleford?

Here are a few more pics to help you make the call…

H/T Daily Mail