This Math Teacher Is Being Labeled The ‘World’s Hottest Teacher’ After 15-Second Video In Classroom Goes Viral

A math teacher from Belarus has been thrust into the international spotlight after a 15-second video shot from a student in her class has gone super viral. The video, which would otherwise be the most boring video of all time, is mesmerizing because the subject is downright beautiful.

Her name is Oksana Neveselaya, and since the video has spread all over the world, she has gained tens of thousands of thirsty Instagram followers and has been widely labeled as the ‘sexiest teacher on the planet’ (taking the crown from Ms. Vaughn in Billy Madison). Her Facebook account claims that she wants to “show that sensuality and intelligence go hand in hand.”

Her Instagram account, which now has over 190,000 followers, is more evidence of just how stunning she is. Take a look at the pictures below and tell me that if she was your teacher you’d be able to focus on anything other than keeping your boner tucked in your waistband. If you could, you’re a better man than I.

How bout you Ms. Neveselaya, you want some of this milk?

“No milk will ever be our milk.”


[h/t Mirror]

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