McKayla Maroney’s Officially Mastered The Cleavage Selfie On Instagram And We Have The Proof

Unlike most former olympians who drift away into obscurity after the Olympics are over McKayla Maroney has a knack for keeping the public abreast of what’s going on in her life. She’s done so by absolutely breasting…erm, I mean beasting…Instagram. She’s got a knack of picking up followers on IG and maintaining that following with her lovely personalities.

Her latest picture on the ‘gram is red-hot, and it’s going viral as fast as anything I’ve seen on the World Wide Web. It seems that in her latest ‘gram pic, McKayla Maroney has finally mastered the POV Cleavage Selfie, and she doesn’t care who knows it (also, there are more pictures after this one so be sure to keep scrolling)

With a caption reading ‘sunset is blinding’ might I suggest one thing, McKayla? Sunglasses. I’m sure you’re pretty well off after endorsements, you can afford some sunglasses. It’s never good to look directly into the sun, so it’s time you scoop up a pair of polarized shades. And if you can’t afford a pair of your own then let us know and we’ll shoot you over a pair from the BroBible team, free of charge.

And since we haven’t posted on McKayla Maroney in quite some time, I figured I’d share some more photos with you bros….

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