Mel B, Aka ‘Scary Spice’, Shared A Cleavage Pic From The Gym And I Had No Idea She’s Still This Crazy Hot

Mel B has been a celebrity for the overwhelming majority of her life, first getting famous back in the 90’s as Scary Spice with The Spice Girls. These days she’s a judge on America’s Got Talent, one of the most watched TV shows of the Summer, so she’s still very much in the limelight.

I’m going to be honest with you, bros, I never watch America’s Got Talent, I’ve seen maybe 15 minutes of the show in my entire lifetime, so I really had no idea that Mel B was keeping it so tight until I saw this pic circulating on social media. She’s got the body of a 21-year-old chick who spends all of her time in the gym, and that’s pretty fucking remarkable for a 41-year-old woman:

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