Miley Cyrus Naked On Instagram Is Becoming A Weekly Occurrence

Miley Cyrus naked. Three words we’ve become accustomed to seeing together, especially when it comes to Instagram. This time though Miley, who is in Australia for her Bangerz Tour, is branching out into other people’s Instagram accounts as one of the photos appeared on her friend Cheyne Thomas’ account. And oh was it a doozy showing Miley Cyrus’ completely bare ass.

First here’s what Miley had to offer on her own Instagram account: a little topless action with the naughty parts covered up by aliens, of course.

Here’s another one of her, we assume still topless, with Cheyne Thomas.

Here’s one of her in the tub, again… very tame by her standards.

And of course, the Miley Cryus bare butt photo I mentioned.

Which, as you can see, I had to censor, because, you know, butt crack. That being said, just click here for Miley’s full moon. Happy Monday.

Miley Cyrus image by Debby Wong/Shutterstock