Model Niamh Adkins Is A Stunning British Beauty You Need To Know

The other day we introduced you to Sexy model (and Cal State-Fullerton grad) Katelynn Ansari as a woman you need to know. Today we’re heading across the pond for another woman to watch in Manchester, England’s very own Niamh Adkins.

Niamh actually now lives in Cape Town, South Africa as she says she’s much more of a warm climate kind of girl – something she and her FOUR dogs definitely take advantage of as much as possible. Niamh also tells us that she loves working out, lives a very healthy lifestyle, and is much more of a morning person than an evening person. She also lists dining out as one of her favorite things, because, hard to believe after looking at her, she loves food.

You can keep up with Niamh Adkins on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. In fact, I’d highly recommend you do as she’s DEFINITELY “one to watch.”

Photos: Sian Chapman, Vivian De Waal, Ernie Chang