Is This The Upside Down? Because Natalia Dyer, AKA Nancy Wheeler, Sure Looks Different In Real Life

by 1 year ago
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Hard to believe, given the massive sensation that Stranger Things is right now, but Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler on the show, might not be recognizable to most people if they saw her on the street right now.

Now Nancy Wheeler we would all recognize for sure if we saw her. She’s gotten so much screen time and been involved in so many great story-lines, how could we not?

Speaking of which, why does Nancy prefer… sorry… I am not going to spoil anything here, just in case you haven’t gotten all the way through season two yet. Back to what we were discussing.

Natalia Dyer, whose first professional acting role was in Hannah Montana: The Movie in 2009, actually is someone who you might run into on the street. The 20-year-old, at last report, is a student at NYU, studying at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, and admits that she’s been stopped on the streets of New York since Stranger Things began, telling Glamour

Living in New York, just getting stopped on the street often and having people talk about the show is crazy and wonderful. It’s great! But it’s definitely something to get used to. People do recognize me. I walk around with sunglasses and I think I’m hidden, but they do [see me]. They have wonderful and nice things to say about the show, so I have fun talking to [the fans].

That was after season one, however. Now, with season two going full-throttle, Dyer has coincidentally decided to significantly change up her look. See if you would recognize her now if she walked past you on the street.

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