The New ‘Human Barbie’ Is From Brazil, Has A 32F Chest And Is The SPITTING Image Of Elsa From ‘Frozen’

23-year-old Andressa Damiani is a Brazilian girl who is currently being hailed as the “New Human Barbie,” but whether or not that’s a compliment remains to be seen. Considering that the current Human Barbie looks like an aborted alien fetus I wouldn’t really take it a compliment, but then again Andressa looks pretty normal…I mean, for being a human-doll-thing. Standards are pretty low on that front so that’s not exactly saying much either. According to Daily Mail,

Andressa Damiani, from Blumenau, who has a 20-inch waist and wears a 32F bra size, boasts the same facial features as a doll – including huge eyes and long legs.

The 23-year-old has found fame in her native country with passers-by on the street calling her ‘Elsa’ because of her resemblance to the character in Disney’s Frozen.

Andressa claims that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery, and while I’d normally call “bullshit” she actually looks pretty normal without all that makeup caked on. Hell, girl’s even holding down a 9-5 as a veterinary physician — so not only is this “Human Barbie” schtick only part-time, but she’s got at least a few firing synapses in her brain (which is more than we can say about the other Human Barbie who says she uses photosynthesis to eat).

Good on you, Andressa. And hey, I’m in a pleasant mood today so this is a judgment free zone — if you wanna run around like a human doll in your free time but can still behave like a competent adult when push comes to shove, more power to you. It’s more than I can say I do.

Here’s Andressa with very little makeup on:

And now here’s Andressa in full doll-form:

Foto antiga, só passando pra avisar que o vídeo novo vai ao ar de madrugs. #livingdoll

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Winter Outfit 💕 Gorro, casaco e polainas: @newdress_official

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Ensaio lindo com a @ohana_gwen linda! Ela vai estar aqui em SC em breve, agende seu ensaio com ela enquanto ainda tem vaguinha! <3

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