‘Human Barbie’ lives on diet of ‘air, light’ and huge spoonfuls of crazy

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When the powers above created Valeria Lukyanova they really broke the mold. Luckily, the “Human Barbie” found a new mold, and a crazy diet to keep that mold looking exactly like a plastic doll.

If you’re unfamiliar with Valeria Lukyanova, the human or “real-life” Barbie doll, here’s her back story —  In 2007, Valeria was crowned “Miss Diamond Crown of Ukraine” the Ukrainian national beauty contest. Her unique look got her multiple photo sessions and interviews in the Russian media. To enhance her Barbie-look, the 28-year-old model with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, uses specific makeup and contact lenses over her natural green eyes.

Valeria shows up on TV and in magazines once in a while, especially on crazy shows about extreme obsessions and body transformations, and she’s back in the news with a ridiculous new diet. The folks at Esquire explain:

Known throughout the Internet as “the human Barbie” for her doll-like, impossible-seeming physical appearance, which truly does most resemble the much-scorned figure of toymaker Matttel’s golden gal, a feat Lukyanova attributes to her new diet, or non-diet, really, creatively dubbed Breathariansim. Basically, a convert gives up those pesky mortal shackles of food and water, instead training their body to subsist on “cosmic microfood.”

Aside from her diet of only air and light, Valeria claims she’s from another planet, but I think we all assumed that.  Lukyanova believes she’s “an alien from outer space, can time travel, and freely admits to having voices in her head.”

If you’re thinking “who’d believe this loon” and “who’d be dumb enough to try a diet of only air” my answer is all these people.

Suddenly, the other “human Barbie” looks sane.

All She Needs Is the Air That She Breathes, and Your Love [Esquire]

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