A Bunch Of People Revealed Their First Celebrity Crushes And We Know Exactly How They Feel

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Who among us does not remember the many, MANY crushes we had on celebrities as impressionable youths? I know that personally, I had more than my fair share of crushes, almost all of which appear on this list today.

So how was this nostalgic list of people’s favorite childhood celebrity crushes compiled? Very simply. Reddit user DeeDubb83 asked the internet one basic question: Who was your first celebrity crush?

And the answers he received will bring back an absolute FLOOD of memories. This much I can guarantee.

Here were many of the top responses, plus some commentary, which also included the lovely lady pictured at the top of the page, one Jennifer Love Hewitt…

Kim Possible. Doesn’t matter she isn’t actually real… she sure was back then! ~ ukulele_joe

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Wait…she’s not real?

Natalie Portman in Star Wars, especially Episode 2 in the white outfit. ~ thiney49

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