People Shared Their Most Outrageous, Funny, And Bizarre ‘Walk Of Shame’ Stories

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walk of shame

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We’ve all been there. A late night of partying led to one thing or another. Next thing we knew the sun was up and it was time to go home. Only, my pants are nowhere to be found, I have no idea whose bedroom I’m in, and I really hope that smell is someone cooking Chinese Scallion Pancakes for breakfast and not something I did last night. Below, a bunch of people shared stories of their funniest, most outrageous walks of shame. These are nothing short of spectacular. If you’d like to share your own story, by all means, pop into the comments down below, but not until you read through these (via AskReddit):

In college, woke up the next day after a party across campus. Walked back to my house. Voting was a thing that day, lots of students out encouraging to vote. I walked into a campus building, interacted with lots of people, voted and left.
Got home to realize a big dI*ck drawn in sharpie on my forehead.
Was wondering why people were looking at me funny.

After a night of drinking at the bar, one of my friends decided that she was gonna make everyone perogies. I was upstairs and had no idea she was cooking until I heard a scream. I ran downstairs and there she was, with a wok on the stove and flames rising from it steadily, licking the ceiling. I yelled for another buddy to open the Juliette balcony we had next to the kitchen. I grabbed the flaming oily mess by the panhandle, trying not to spill the flaming oils as I carried it to the balcony and tossed that fucker right out onto the paved alleyway below. I burnt my hand doing so. A few burn marks were formed around our kitchen. Our house had come very close to being a fire scene because of drunken perogies.
Anyway the next morning she went out and collected this misshapen, now-destroyed wok from the alleyway. I always refer to this as her wok of shame.

Today, I walked through my college campus wearing nothing but overalls cut off mid shin and a Mario hat in the rain.
I went out to a Halloween party as Mario, ended up at a friends house throwing up in his sink. Woke up with no idea where the rest of my clothes went but knew I had to get to my dorm, a mile away, to get dressed for class. Unfortunately, I made this walk in between classes so plenty of students saw a defeated mario.

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