Here’s How That Perfect Ass You See On Instagram Gets Photoshopped From Cellulite To Perfection

If you’re not following at least a handful of models on Instagram with perfect asses then I’m baffled as to how you ended up reading this site. Sadly though I’m here to burst your double bubble and show you how every perfect butt you’ve seen on Instagram has been photoshopped to hell.

LiveRichMedia is one of the companies behind the photoshoots of all of our favorite Instagram models (see: Abigail Ratchford), and one of their photographers just dropped this video showing his photoshop transformation from cellulite-ridden frumpy ass to a butt so perfect you’d eat a steak from Peter Luger’s off of it.
tip of the hat to Chris Spags @ BarstoolU for finding and sharing this

So yes, everything you know is a lie. Next time you’re scrolling through your IG feed and you come across that ‘perfect ass’ just remember this is what it looked like before it got photoshopped to perfection:


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