Stunning ‘Real-Life Barbie’ Yulia Kriger Says Her Look Is All-Natural (Except For Two Things)

The Human Barbie business must not be what it used to, because after sharing over 15 stories about various “real-life” Barbies over the years here this is only our second one so far in 2017.

Also, unlike most of the “real-life Barbies” we’ve brought you, this one, model Yulia Kriger of Russia (1) says she’s almost 100% natural and (2) doesn’t look like a dumpster fire.

In fact, she’s actually, dare I say, pretty dang hot.

Kriger, who hails from Novosibirsk, Russia, claims that she has had no cosmetic surgery on her face to achieve her striking and unique look.

According to The Daily Mail, she has had only one procedure done…

Kriger said that she had a boob job because she wanted to increase the size of her breasts to a D cup.

‘It means I can wear any dress that looks better without underwear and they look just great,’ she said.

As for her mesmerizing blue eyes, Kriger did admit that she used special contact lenses to make her eyes look bigger five years ago, but said, “It lasted for about a year and now I am ashamed to even think about it.”

Check out some pics from her Instagram account below and you easily see the contacts were definitely not needed…–LXNcNu/

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