The Internet Can’t Believe That This Crazy Hot Japanese Model Is 45-Years-Old, Do You?

Every now and then something comes along on the internet that defies all logic and explanation. In today’s case it’s not a something, but a someone. And that someone is named Risa Hirako.

I’ve now seen five different stories today on this woman where people can’t believe her age, which is 45-years-old. Seriously. According to various reports she was born on Valentine’s Day in 1971, which just like everyone else, blows my mind.

Apparently she is one of the more popular models over in Japan, and it’s easy to see why because she looks like she’s still in her early twenties.

Check out some of the photos she’s shared to her Instagram account and tell me, does she look 45-years-old to you?

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H/T Daily Mail

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