Rita Ora Wants You To Peep Her Mostly Bare Ass Because No One’s Paid Attention To Her Lately And She’s Panicking

Rita Ora is a bit of an anomaly: somehow her name has become fairly well-known across the pond here in the United States, and yet no one cares about her. At all. Literally can’t get a single person to give a shit about Rita Ora’s music, her body, you name it and no one cares (even when she’s posing topless). She’s a big pop star over in the UK and yet for some reason her career hasn’t ported to the US well – she’s had a few songs make it on the charts here but they’ve all performed “bleh.” Kind of like how whenever we post about Rita Ora it does “bleh.” Maybe this picture of her mostly bare ass will spur her career along here, but I doubt it.

But in the odd event that you decide you like the following photo and want to see even MORE mostly-nude photos of Rita Ora, you can click HERE and your wish will be granted. Until then, here she is trying to garner some attention from people who do not care: