Robin Thicke’s HOT 19-Year-Old Girlfriend Threw Up A Sultry Bedroom Instagram Where You Can Definitely See Nipple

Via Instagram

You all remember April Love Geary, right? She’s the 19-year-old model that’s been seen hanging around with Robin Thicke quiiiite a bit lately, and it’s brought people to assume they’re dating. Which is fair, since what other reason does Robin Thicke have to be hanging around some hot 19-year-old? None, because every other reason would be weird.

Robin Thicke is 37-years-old, in case you were wondering.

Regardless of her age, you can’t deny that she’s smoking hot. I mean look at this sultry bedroom Instagram where you can definitely see some nipple through her shirt:

And on closer inspection:

That’s definitely nipple.

[Images via Instagram]