Robin Thicke’s Smoking Model Girlfriend Is Rocking A Bikini In A Tropical Paradise And Playing With Friggin’ Lemurs!


Are you hunkering down and bracing yourself for a miserable and frozen winter? Well you can take solace that Robin Thicke and his stunning 21-year-old girlfriend are in a tropical paradise enjoying life to the fullest. Alluring April Love Geary is just as beautiful as the beach scenery, and has much sexier legs.

And a fantastic dumper.


Look how clear that water is!!!

There’s probably always wood around when the stunning April is near.

The amazing April was made to be in a bikini.

She got to pet a turtle who poked his head out (And who could blame him?)

The mesmerizing April even got to play with lemurs!

She played fetch with motherfucking lemurssssssssssss!!!

Robin Thicke really isn’t my type, but if he takes me on a tropical vaca where I can frolic with lemurs than I can make concessions.